Turning data into action

Our goal at RAISEume Analytics is simple – take your data, analyse it and provide you with (data-driven) actionable insights to help you do what you do best: run & grow your small business.

Our consultants love data – in addition to servicing the small-business sector, we provide personalised, in-class courses that will ramp-up the quantitative & analytical capabilities of any team. Whether you’re about to enter the workforce for the first time or are interested in a career-path switch, we provide analytics (e.g. Excel) and data visualisation training (e.g. Tableau) that will shore-up any skill-set.

I love these guys! Data in, action out – I don’t have to worry about learning statistics or anything like that. It’s like having senior analysts on demand, without the cost of keeping them on the payroll 24/7 – awesome stuff!

– J. Baqueen